Health Supercharged

“How to use infrared sauna and shift your lifestyle to become healthier”.


Alex Tyson is on an endless journey to improve his health and wellness. As the CEO of a successful infrared sauna company, he’s made a name for himself as a man to trust. He’s seen how poor health can put pressure on families, including his own, and has also witnessed some amazing positive transformations. It’s Alex’s life’s work to achieve optimal health for himself, his customers and now the readers of this book. His passionate wish is to inspire you to go on your own journey towards great health. 


There’s never been a more important time to be in optimal health, but there’s so much information that it can seem daunting. Where to start? Well, now it’s simple! In Health Supercharged, Alex Tyson uses a science-based, common-sense approach to help you supercharge your health. He goes through the six fundamentals of health and how they can be combined with infrared sauna for maximum benefit. So don’t wait – put the simple strategies to use and watch your body, mind and ultimately your life transform.