Alex Tyson is a health educator and business leader based on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

“My purpose is to create a healthier world by inspiring healthy change in others”.

Alex began running iHealth Saunas at the beginning of 2017. Not because he wanted to run a sauna business, but because he wanted to help people with their health. That is what Alex is truly passionate about. Since taking over, iHealth Saunas has grown 35% p/a year on year and is as a business is now growing as a thought leader in not just the infrared sauna industry, but the greater health and wellness industry. As a result, the company has recently rebranded to Found—Space, where Alex continues to push the boundary of what is possible for the greater health industry by providing complete home solutions that address the fundamentals of health.

Over the last 8 years, Alex has honed his personal health knowledge through varied and at times strict and thorough, deep body cleansing. Undergoing over 50 days of juice fasting and having conducted a 21 and 30-day water fast, Alex now lives on a predominantly fruit-based diet in the Sunshine Coast. This has helped him heal pre-existing gastro intestinal, migraine, and brain fog issues.

“Fasting has helped me achieve physical and mental efficiency and clarity like never before. Each time I’ve fasted I’ve reached a new level of vitality. This helps me make better business decisions and better life decisions. This is why I do what I do at Found—Space, because helping people experience higher levels of health is how we create a healthier, happier world. When we improve our health, we improve our life. And when our health improves, so does the health of our planet”.

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