14 January, 2022

Book Launch 2022

Join Found–Space CEO Alex Tyson for the launch of his first book “Health Supercharged – How to use infrared sauna and shift your lifestyle to become healthier”

There’s never been a more important time to be in optimal health, but there’s so much information that it can seem daunting. Where to start? Well, now it’s simple! In Health Supercharged, Alex Tyson uses a science-based, common-sense approach to help you supercharge your health. He goes through the six fundamentals of health and how they can be combined with infrared sauna for maximum benefit. So don’t wait – put the simple strategies to use and watch your body, mind, and ultimately your life transform.

Health supercharged is for anyone who is looking to achieve higher levels of health using infrared sauna or through lifestyle. The reader will learn how to address cardiovascular health, recovery, sleep, pain, stress, detoxification, skin, and mindfulness through infrared sauna.

Join us on Tuesday 1st February 2022 at 6pm AEDT

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